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a mermaid found a swimming lad, picked him up for her own, pressed her body to his body, and plunging down, forgot in cruel happiness that even lovers drown.
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sighhhh feminism isn’t about hating all men and wanting to destroy them that’s just my own personal hobby

And what the individual does so harms the body made up of individuals. That’s why movements get broken, because you act with your personal will (desire) and so affect the movement. 

ur on my list nerd


What you eat today has to make your heart beat tomorrow and create new blood, renew your bone marrow, fuel your brain, ease your mind, make your lungs work, support your immune system, heal your skin (including that tattoo you had done yesterday), keep your digestive system working smoothly, lubricate your joints, repair and build your muscles.

What will you eat to do all that?

- The Reluctant Raw Foodist  (via epikhi)